Lady Gaga Wears No Makeup in Stunning Selfie on Instagram

Just because Lady Gaga loves getting glammed up doesn’t mean she can’t give her skin a break on occasion. (And this selfie is proof.)

This week, the “Born This Way” singer, 35, posted a Boomerang video on her personal Instagram account, featuring herself suntanning with a makeup-free face.

In the clip, Lady Gaga is candidly posing as the wind gently blows her brunette hair. Since her top is either MIA or untied, the shot is perfectly framed so it doesn’t reveal too much skin.

It’s hard to tell from the post, but Lady Gaga is seemingly sitting in her backyard. The musician is lounging in a grassy area that’s accessible to the main house, which is surrounded by greenery. (You know, for privacy.)

She wrote, “May your [heart emoji] shine like the [sun emoji].”

Her followers filled the comments section with positive remarks about the nearly-NSFW video. Someone wrote, “Wow! So beautiful.” Another added, “Never thought I’d say this, but I’m loving the brown hair.” One person commented, “Warn us before posting. I almost had a heart attack.”

This isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has posted an au naturel selfie on social media. While getting ready for the 91st annual Academy Awards, the singer posted a “getting ready” photo on Instagram, featuring herself wearing nothing but two towels wrapped around her body and hair. Oh, and how could we forget about the 128.54-carat diamond necklace, which was previously worn by Audrey Hepburn? (NBD.)

Never change, Lady Gaga.

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