Lady Gabriella Windsor Wore 4 Dresses for Her Royal Wedding This Weekend

Why have one wedding dress when you can have four?! That's what Lady Gabriella Windsor must've thought to herself, because the royal daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, cousin to Queen Elizabeth, had several outfit changes during her wedding this weekend.

Pool/Getty Images

On Saturday, Lady Gabriella Windsor married financier Thomas Kingston in the same place as Meghan and Harry's royal wedding just one year earlier—and she wore four different dresses for the occasion (naturally...).

All four were designed by Italian house Luisa Beccaria. Her first was her long-sleeve lace wedding gown. She wore an 18-foot veil made from layers of pink and white tulle. She topped it with a Russian Fringe-style tiara also worn by her grandmother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, and her mother, Princess Michael of Kent, for their weddings, according to The Express.

Lady Gabriella then changed into a sleeveless floral lace dress with cape for her evening reception, and this one is by far our fave. She carried a white-fur shawl with her for the chilly evening.

Although there aren't photos of them (YET!), there was also a dress made for when the royal newlyweds departed the reception, and another dress for a brunch on Sunday, according to Hello! magazine.

Four dresses, a royal wedding and a star-studded ceremony. And we thought our cousin's doughnut wall was glitzy...