Lacoste Did Away with Its Alligator Logo for *This* Amazing Reason

News of companies doing their part to help the environment is uncommon, so when we come across a feel-good story, we have to share.

Props to Lacoste, purveyor of your dad’s favorite colorful preppy polos, for its newest collaboration called “Save Our Species.” In partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Lacoste is swapping out its iconic crocodile logo for ten different endangered species, ranging from a Javan rhino to a Sumatran tiger. The animals will appear where the logo is typically placed, all stitched in the signature crocodile green, to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of the threatened critters.

The limited-edition collection consists of only 1,775 shirts, and the number of animal logos available corresponds to how many of each species’ population is left. (For example, only 30 Vaquita porpoises are left in existence, so only 30 Vaquita porpoise polos were made.) 

The polos are already sold out in the U.K., but limited quantities are available stateside for $185 a pop.

A crisp white polo and the chance to save a cute little Anegada ground iguana? We’ll take one in every animal, please.

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