Watch Kristen Bell Scream at Dax Shepard for Incorrectly Identifying a Cheeto on ‘Ellen’

When it comes to playing games, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard take competition very, very seriously. And this brand-new video is proof.

The couple appeared on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they played a game called “Taste Buds.” With a $1,000 donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation on the line, Bell proved that she will stop at nothing to claim the prize, even if it means bashing her husband for not knowing what a Cheeto is.

In the video, DeGeneres explains the rules of the game, which includes taste testing a series of snacks while blindfolded and describing the food to your partner, who is tasked with guessing the correct answer.

While they start off strong with oatmeal and ketchup, things take an interesting turn when DeGeneres brings out a plate full of Cheetos. Although Bell describes the dish as a “crunchy, after dinner snack” that is made of cheese, Shepard can’t get over the fact that no one eats “cheesy snacks” after dinner.

Unable to guess the correct answer, Bell begins screaming at Shepard, saying, “They look. Like. Fingers!”

Shepard’s response: “Cheez-Its?”

When she reminds him that they “look like fingers,” he proceeds to guess “string cheese,” and Bell’s reaction is priceless.

This will haunt him for years, and we’re all for it.