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Last night's season seven finale of Game of Thrones was a doozy, but we have good news! You won’t have to wait too long to see Kit Harington back in action, just not as the lovable Jon Snow.

Harington is set to star in the upcoming BBC One series Gunpowder, and the new teaser and first-look photos will definitely ease your acute King in the North withdrawals.

Gunpowder is a fast-paced period thriller that revolves around the real-life “Gunpowder Plot,” a 17th-century conspiracy to blow up the British House of Lords on November 5, 1605, and assassinate King James I. Harington stars as Robert Catesby, a Warwickshire gentleman who masterminds the famous plan.

In the new trailer released today, the camera pans across a trail of gunpowder as Harington spookily narrates the scene. He says, “My wife is dead. My name, disgraced. My friends and family, tortured and hanged. We must strike at the root. Fawkes will light the fuse, and I, Robert Catesby, will blow the king and all his men to hell.” Once the camera reaches the end of the gunpowder trail, we find ourselves face-to-face with the two notorious conspirators: Catesby and Guy Fawkes (Tom Cullen).

Gunpowder also stars Liv Tyler (The Incredible Hulk), Peter Mullan (War Horse) and Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and is set to premiere on BBC One this fall. An exact U.S. distribution date is still in the works and yet to be announced.

Ready for the Game of Thrones parallel? Harington's full name is actually Christopher Catesby Harington, and he claims to be a direct descendant of his new character. So he's either a descendant of Catesby or a descendant of Targaryen...same diff, right?

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