There’s something about Eve and Villanelle in Killing Eve that makes them immensely interesting to watch. Perhaps it’s Sandra Oh’s frazzled but in-control portrayal of Eve or Jodie Comer’s Mary Poppins bag of accents. Maybe it’s the thrilling plot and never-ending game of cat and mouse. Either way, we’re loving season two. If you are, too, then relive every moment with these season two episode recaps.

Villanelle with a stab wound
BBC America

‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Sometimes Love Makes You Do Crazy Things

Eve grapples with the fact that she stabbed Villanelle, while her adversary tries to escape despite her gaping wound. 

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Eve and Kenny chatting
BBC America

Episode 2 Recap: He’s Still Warm

Back in London, Villanelle looks for a place to rest up and heal her wounds. It proves to be the worst place she could choose. Meanwhile, Eve discovers a new female killer. 

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Eve and Niko classroom

Episode 3 Recap: An Apple a Day Keeps the Murderer at Bay

Villanelle throws a wrench into Eve’s marriage just because she can and an old friend returns from the grave. 

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Villanelle dressed in pic mask killing eve

Episode 4 Recap: Oink, Oink

Frustrated that Eve’s attention is elsewhere, Villanelle commits a murder she’s sure will make Eve refocus on her. Spoiler alert: It’s messy. 

villanelle and niko at oxford killing eve1

Episode 5 Recap: ‘Can I Take Your Veil?’

Eve puts her safety in jeopardy in order to move the Ghost case along. You’ll never guess who she uses as an, um, special consultant…

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Villanelle dressed as Billie killing eve1
BBC America

Episode 6 Recap: ‘Hiii, Partner’

Eve looks to her new special corespondent to get intel on Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). Spoiler alert: It’s not all smooth sailing. 


Villanelle in bed killing eve
NIck Wall/BBC AMerica

Episode 7 Recap: The Safe Word Is ‘Gentleman’

Villanelle goes on her first date with Aaron, and Eve worries she’s losing control of her life and work. (Hint: She kinda is.)

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killing eve finale walking

Finale Recap: A Single Gunshot

Villanelle and Eve get in over their head in Rome and learn that not everyone involved in their operation is who they seem. 

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