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“Sometimes love makes you do crazy things,” Villanelle (Jodi Comer) says in the Killing Eve season two final trailer as she slips her high-fashion-loving feet into a pair of Crocs. And that’s just how things appear in Villanelle and Eve’s (Sandra Oh) world: crazy…and slightly more (dark) comedy-driven than the first season. 

As you’ll remember, Eve stabbed Villanelle in the season one finale. Now, Villanelle, who miraculously survived (Is anyone surprised?) and made it to a hospital, is ready to return to work. So, she steals a lab coat, stethoscope and a pair of the least fashionable footwear available and returns to the business of killing people for money and stalking an MI6 operative for fun.

That said, Villanelle’s attention-seeking ways don’t allow her to return to work without letting Eve know in her creepy but loving way. So, their game of cat and mouse resumes—only the stakes are way higher. Why? Well, now Caroline (Fiona Shaw) and the rest of their secret MI6 faction know there’s a peculiar bond between Eve and the murderess she’s tracking. Worst of all, a newcomer played by Edward Bluemel seems highly suspicious of Eve. After Caroline turned out to be literally in bed with former assassin operative Konstantin, we can’t help but wonder: Can she or the new guy she hired be trusted? TBD.

Aside from the internal and external spy games transpiring in the M16 office, Villanelle looks like she’s on the move and more flamboyant with her kills than ever. I mean, a pig mask and some lederhosen—what’s the deal with that? 

We can’t wait to find out when Killing Eve season two premieres on BBC America on Sunday, April 7, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Let the murderous games begin.

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