What Did Kelly Ripa’s Daughter Lola Think of *That* Thirst-Trap Photo of Dad Mark Consuelos? ‘That’s Disgusting’

Imagine you're a teenager and your mom posts a steamy photo of your dad on Instagram for everyone to see. OMG. Now imagine your mom is Kelly Ripa and your dad is Mark Consuelos. Welcome to Lola Consuelos's world. The 19-year-old recently opened up about her mom's social media use in a cute video for People's first-ever family issue.

In the video, Ripa and her only daughter sat down for a chat about fame, internet trolls and, yes, Ripa's notoriously unfiltered social media presence.

Consuelos called her mom's butt selfie "ridiculous," though Kelly was sure her daughter would've told her not to post thirst-trap pictures of Mark Consuelos (like this one and this one).

"That's disgusting," Lola replied. "I blocked that out of my mind. I forgot that you even did that."

But the interview wasn't all Instagram teasing. The two also used the opportunity to gush about each other, with Lola saying, "I admire so much about you, but I really admire how you've raised me to be a confident and hardworking woman. And I feel like you've taught me the importance of growing up as a woman in this world. I have an amazing example in front of my eyes of what a hardworking, amazing woman is."

Ripa returned the compliment, praising, "The most beautiful thing about you is your heart. You are seriously the kindest person I've ever met. You're good to your grandparents. You're good to your parents. Lola is the kind of person that is kind when nobody's looking, when 'it doesn't matter.' Whether or not she's kind to a random stranger on the street, she just cares about people enormously."

Aww! Thirst-trap controversy aside, these two are so sweet.

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