The Real Reason Kelly Ripa Sported a Mask at Home

Kelly Ripa is setting the best safety example.

On Instagram, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host shared a screenshot of her virtual chat with Elsa Collins, cofounder of This is About Humanity. While Collins is seen sporting a mask at the supermarket, Ripa is at home and, oddly enough, she's also donning a mask.

However, in the original post (which first appeared on Collins's page), the social impact strategy consultant gave Ripa a shoutout for wearing the mask to show her support for her friend.

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Kellyripa / Instagram

In the pic, Kelly sports her signature glasses and sits in what appears to be her bedroom, also wearing her mask as a visual reminder to keep wearing them in public spaces. The post reads, "When you're at the market and @kellyripa puts her mask on at home to support."

In addition, Ripa also added a "Wear a Mask" gif, encouraging her followers to consider the health and safety of others.

In an interview with PureWow, the mother of three revealed that returning to Live after quarantine was quite different, considering the strict protocols. She told us, "It’s a little bit surreal. I’m just glad that we’re all sort of in the same room, because it is very helpful to not have to wonder what’s going on in everybody’s mind. Once in a while, we heard our producers’ voices over Skype when we were doing the show over Skype, but you can’t really tell how somebody is doing when you’re only hearing their voice.”

She added, "We are all such a family that it was a lot harder on us than we originally realized that it would be."

Still, it's safe to say that Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been nailing it since their big return (and setting a good example while they're at it).

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