Kelly Ripa Has Something to Say About the Thanksgiving Dinner Debate

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are going head-to-head in one of the biggest Thanksgiving debates of all time: the best time to serve Thanksgiving dinner.

On a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the co-hosts brought up a widely circulated piece that was published in The Atlantic about the correct time to eat the main meal. After considering factors like cook time, digestion and late night snacking, the publication determined that the "logical answer" is 4 p.m. According to Ripa, they got it wrong.

"Thanksgiving dinner is dinner which means it should happen at dinner time. Dinner should be late!" she said.

Ripa continued, "I do not understand everyone's obsession with having Thanksgiving dinner at 2 p.m. Then you're hungry at 6 p.m and 7 p.m. and 8 p.m, and then you're eating, and then you're binging, and then you're having leftovers, and then God forbid you don't make a turkey soup the next day, and then you have to make your turkey omelet the [next] morning."

Their guest, comedian Kevin Hart took Ripa's side after revealing that his family dinner starts later in the evening. He explained, "We're Black so we go late. We're not an early eat family. It's very weird because this is the only time where I see race play a factor. I do have friends of other ethnicities and dinner is at like, 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. And I'm like, 'Who does that?' I don't understand, who eats that early?"

on the other hand, admitted that he prefers to eat his Thanksgiving meal around 2:30—a bit earlier than the average American. To which Hart replied, "Are you kidding? Dinner is at like 8. We eat at 8 p.m.! And before that, you drink!"

Ripa chimed in, "Thank you! I am validated today because these monsters all are like, '2 p.m!' When I send out the email, 'Cocktails at 6 p.m.' people are like, '6 p.m.? We're going to have to eat early!'"

The co-host also asked their second guest, Halle Berry, to weigh in on the controversial subject. And when Berry said "5:30," Ripa replied, "OK, that's a normal person."

After Seacrest repeated his preference for earlier dinners, Ripa said, "I just want him to stop calling it Thanksgiving dinner when he clearly has Thanksgiving lunch."

It looks like the co-hosts will have to agree to disagree on this one.