Kelly Ripa Shares Throwback Pic of Herself...Wearing a Hot Dog Costume

Kelly Ripa's latest throwback photo has us feeling...hungry?

The Live with Kelly and Ryan star shared a silly photo on Instagram of herself wearing—what else—a hot dog costume. She captioned the post, "#Frank talk: Happy #nationalhotdogday you wieners!" Followed by exactly 12 hot dog emojis.

The snap seems to be from the sitcom Hope & Faith. On the show, which aired from 2003 to 2006, Ripa played Faith Fairfield, a soap opera star whose character is killed off, leading her to move in with her sister, Hope (Faith Ford), and her family in a fictional Cleveland suburb.

Ripa has been on something of a throwback kick these past few months, sharing never-before-seen pics of herself and her family—including more than a few thirst traps of husband Mark Consuelos. (Thanks again for those, Kelly!) On the last one, fans immediately flooded the comments section with words of praise for the candid snapshot. One user thanked Ripa for giving the people what they want, writing, “You’re a good person Kelly Ripa.” Others went, um, there: “I’d climb on that and use him as a floatation device.”

Keep the throwbacks coming; we'll just be over here turning on the old grill.

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