Kelly Ripa Narrowly Avoids Faux Pas on ‘Live’ (with the Help of Ryan Seacrest)

Kelly Ripa just can’t seem to keep the date straight these days. And we really, really can’t blame her.

Today marks the second day of the Live with Kelly and Ryanvirtual road trip,” which will feature the hosting duo pretending to be in a new location—without leaving the Live stage—every day this week. For the tour’s second installment, Ripa and Seacrest virtually traveled to Austin, Texas.

During the episode, the 50-year TV personality almost forgot today’s date before her 45-year-old co-host came to the rescue. Lucky for us, producers of the hit morning show captured the moment in a behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram.

“Welcome, everyone. Today is Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021,” she said with hesitation before asking Seacrest, “Is it the 23rd? Wow.”

And this isn’t the first time she’s made an error when it comes to announcing the date on the show. In fact, she made a similar mistake on an episode two weeks ago, while hosting the episode without Seacrest.

“Morning everyone,” she said in another clip. “Hi, welcome. It is Wednesday, February 10, 2020. Ryan is under the weather today. Don’t panic, in these new COVID times we always err on the side of caution. Plus, it’s hump day and who better to sit here than me?” Yup, Ripa mistakenly said 2020.

The following week, the All My Children alum addressed an issue with her cue cards. “It is Wednesday, February 17th, 2021,” Ripa said in a separate video. “Although the cue cards make it look like it's 2024.”

Don't worry, Kelly. We literally haven't known what day it is for the last eight months, so you're doing just fine.

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