Is It Just Us Or Is Kelley Not Interested in Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’?

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber didn’t hold back on grilling Kelley Flanagan about whether she’s ready to pursue a relationship on the show. Although the 28-year-old pilot gave her the rose, we’re still left with one burning question: Does Kelley actually like Weber?

Yes, Kelley seemed interested once Weber called her out for being closed off, but we couldn’t help but notice that she seemed really, really uninterested in the beginning of the date.

It all started in episode five when Weber took Kelley to a meditation sanctuary, where they used energy to help expand their minds. This involved stripping down to minimal clothing while the guides dispersed steam and lit candles.

Sounds romantic, right? Wrong. Kelley looked extremely miserable, crossing her arms and giggling to fill awkward silences, while shirtless Weber fought for her attention.

In an interview with producers, Weber confirmed that Kelley was being standoffish. “She hasn’t tried hard enough,” he said. “I need to know: Are you in this or not?”

At dinner, Weber called her out for being, well, uninterested, and Kelley covered her bases, claiming she hasn’t had an opportunity to progress their relationship. (Fair.) Although he gave her the rose, we still find it extremely hard to believe that Kelley actually wants to be with Weber.

We totally understand that opening up on-camera is uncomfortable, but Kelley’s demeanor didn’t translate to “I’m shy.” Instead, it gave off major “Get me out of here” vibes.

The girl barely smiled during the date, acting as if it interrupted her relaxing Costa Rican vacation. To top it off, Kelley didn’t react when Weber was nearly naked. And let’s be real, if it were Hannah Ann, the episode would probably need a PG-13 rating.

So, why is Kelley being so blah? Besides the possibility of her not liking him, our best guess is that Kelley thinks she has a leg up, since she randomly ran into Weber shortly before The Bachelor started filming. So, she isn’t trying as hard as she should to win his affection.

Either that, or the girl is secretly gunning for a spot on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. The Bachelor returns to ABC this Wednesday, February 5, at 8 p.m.

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