Peter Weber’s Dad Has the Strangest Nickname for Kelley Flanagan

From “Trixie-Belle” to “Meghan Gets Sh*t Done,” we thought we’d heard it all when it came to bizarre celebrity nicknames. Cue former Bachelor Peter Weber’s dad, who now officially has our attention.

It all started earlier this week when the 28-year-old pilot shared a special birthday tribute on Instagram for his dad, Peter Sr. The video featured Kelley Flanagan (Peter Jr.’s former/current flame and current housemate), who sent her well wishes in a comment, since that’s what we do nowadays.

Peter Sr. responded to Flanagan’s message and revealed the, er, interesting nickname he has for his son’s new girlfriend: Chop Chip.

He wrote, “Thanks so much for the wishes, Chop Chip. Miss you guys.”

Yes, Flanagan’s nickname is “Chop Chip.” We’re confused too, and we have no idea if it’s a sweet reference or a backhanded compliment. Still, we’re not entirely surprised that the Weber family gave Flanagan a new moniker.

Not only are they a bizarre bunch (one word: Barb), but the family clearly likes a nickname. They referred to Peter Jr. as “Bud” on several occasions during his hometown visit on The Bachelor, so it was only a matter of time before Flanagan inherited an equally embarrassing nickname.

Now introducing, the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Chop Chip? They clearly didn’t think this through.

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