Kate Middleton Just Sent Scotland a Thank-You Note Featuring a Personal Drawing She Made 20 Years Ago

Just when we thought Kate Middleton didn’t have any other hidden talents, she surprised us all and revealed that she is quite the artist.

Over the weekend, the official Instagram of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a sneak peek of the thank-you card that the couple sent to the citizens of Scotland after their recent royal tour.

The message read: “To the people, communities and organizations we visited and heard from; and those who stopped to wave and make our return to Scotland so special—thank you!” The duo simply signed the note, “William and Catherine.”

The postcard also featured a sketch of the town of St. Andrews, which was drawn by the mother of three back in 2002. Middleton’s artistic abilities actually aren’t too much of a surprise, considering the 39-year-old royal graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a degree in art history. Not to mention, it’s also the place where she met her hubby, Prince William.

And we weren’t the only ones impressed by the piece of artwork. The post received over 145 thousand likes and 1,500 comments from followers. One user wrote, “The Duchess can draw!!! She's amazing! Is there a thing she can't do?” While another added, “Oh wow such a talented lady, I didn't realize Catherine could paint but then there's probably so much we don't know.”

One fan even pointed out that her kids share the same talent, writing, “Wow, Catherine!! This is beautiful. Love her artistic side—must be where George gets it from!”

We wonder what other abilities Middleton is hiding up her sleeve.

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