Kate Middleton and Prince William Share Intimate Moment During Very Public Christmas Concert

Prince William and Kate Middleton are keeping their romance alive—and they've proven it on quite a few occasions.

First, we saw the lovebirds break a royal rule by showing a bit of PDA on their family Christmas Card. And now, the couple are exchanging some very flirty glances during a public event.

In case you missed it, ITV recently dropped a sneak peek of Royal Carols: Together at Christmas, and in the short clip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have an intimate moment while Ellie Goulding performs.

Royal Editor Chris Ship from ITV shared a snippet of Ellie Goulding singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in front of an audience, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The recording, which was recorded on December 8, even includes an intimate shot of the royal pair making deep eye contact and sharing smiles at the end.

It's worth noting that Goulding performed for Prince William and Middleton at their wedding 10 years ago, so this certainly explains the flirty glances. And while it would be a stretch to call this a real "PDA" moment, it certainly stands out as rare, given that the royals tend to keep things formal.

As for why Prince William and Middleton often keep their affections private, Myka Meier, a royal etiquette expert, told People, “The likely reasoning is more that while traveling on a tour such as the India trip, technically the couple are working representatives of British Monarchy. The couple are likely to show very little PDA, if any, to remain professional during their designated roles abroad.”

Given how they perform their duties with such excellence and poise, we can totally let this one intimate moment one slide.

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