Kate Middleton's 5th Birthday Party Inspired Her Mom, Carole, to Start Her Own Business

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As a royal, Kate Middleton constantly acts as our fashion inspiration. But as it turns out, she's been motivating people long before she ever joined the royal family.

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge's mother, Carole Middleton, revealed that she felt motivated to start her own company, Party Pieces, because of Kate. (The matriarch's endeavor is a mail-order company that sends themed party supplies right to your doorstep.)

During the interview, Carole said, “My children inspired my business and have been involved from the start, and the success that we've had has helped us build the life we have currently. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found the professional fulfillment I always wanted.”

It was Kate's fifth birthday party that first planted the idea for Party Pieces in Carole's mind. “All I could find were basic clown plates,” she said, discussing her struggle in finding party supplies. “I realized there was a gap in the market for party-ware that wasn't too expensive and which looked good, so I decided to design my own. I took some prototypes to various High Street retailers and was turned away.”

However, Carole couldn't be deterred that easily. She ended up starting the business from the inside of her own home, and before she knew it, the idea had taken off. Now, 34 years later, her company is very successful. She most recently launched the new Party Pieces Collection, which includes three different themed sets for any child's birthday party.

“My children continue to inspire me and, as they have grown up, our brand has evolved,” Carole said.

What a cool family.

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