Kate Middleton Does Her Go-To Parenting Move During Outing in Denmark

By now, Kate Middleton’s go-to parenting move is one we’ve seen again and again. That doesn’t mean she’s retiring it any time soon.

On Wednesday while visiting a forest kindergarten in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, pulled out the oldest trick in her book: She got down at eye level with the kids.

She showed off her signature move—which, as we’ve previously reported, she’s also pulled on her children George (8), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3)—in an Instagram post detailing some of her Denmark visit.

“Yesterday was all about understanding the very earliest stages of a child’s development here in Denmark,” the caption reads. “Today we move on to learn about the next stage of their life, focusing on children’s mental health and wellbeing. Stenurten Forest Kindergarten uses the power of nature and the outdoors to help build children’s self-awareness, strengthen relationships with others and understand their value in society.”

By offering direct eye contact, Middleton is encouraging open communication and allowing the kids to express themselves on equal terms…which all makes sense in the context of the forest school’s goals. (And in our experience, it can even help stop kids from whining.)

Smart lady, that one.

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