Kate Middleton’s Prince George Necklace Is Secretly a Touching Tribute to Princess Diana

Kate Middleton often pays homage to the sartorial elegance of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, by donning her stunning generational jewels, but we just learned a new gem of a tidbit. K-Middy keeps Diana's memory alive and close to her heart by wearing a very special necklace.

In 2013, when Prince George was born, Pippa Middleton gave her big sis, Kate, a Merci Maman necklace with a small gold disc engraved with “George Alexander Louis.” In addition to Prince Smushy Face's full birth name, the necklace also has a small gold heart engraved with the letter “W” for William and a charm shaped like a little boy. What does this all have to do with Princess Di? Well, when Diana gave birth to Prince William, Prince Charles gave her a gold disc necklace with William’s name on it. Très touching.

Leave it to Pippa to hook it up with a perfect gift, straight from the heart. 

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