Why the ‘Cambridge Cross' Is the Kate Middleton-Approved Sitting Position You Need to Know

She may be master of the Duchess Slant, but Kate Middleton is likely the first to admit: Some of these royal events can drag on (and on), which makes sitting with perfect posture and poise a bit of a chore.

That's why the Duchess of Cambridge has come up with her own regal sitting position: It's called the Cambridge Cross.

Coined by Myka Meier, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, the Cambridge Cross is the option to cross your legs at your ankles while keeping your knees centered and together and your feet planted firmly on the floor.

It's elegant, it's ladylike and—if you're wearing a skirt, much like the Duchess and Sussex Slants—it still prevents a peekaboo moment (a royal faux pas).

So, kudos to Kate for prioritizing comfort as well as class.

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