For a Split Second, Kate Middleton Broke Royal Tradition (but Here's Why It's OK)

kate middleton clutch in right hand

Scan through any number of photos of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, heck, even Princess Diana and you'll immediately see: The royal clan has a strategy when it comes to carrying their clutch.

Yep, whenever they're out hobnobbing or attending event after royal event, they always (always) hold their bag in their left hand. (According to etiquette expert Myka Meier, the reason for this is so that their right hand stays open and they can easily meet, greet and shake hands.)

Still, leave it to Kate Middleton to royally bend the rules. This week, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for the Mental Health in Education conference, donning a tweed suit. But when she gracefully made her car exit, we caught it: Her clutch was accidentally in her right hand.

We're guessing she needed to use her left hand for leverage "swivel and popping" her way out of the town car that dropped her off. But having her clutch in the wrong hand no doubt complicated her arrival. (In fact, subsequent photos show she quickly swapped her clutch back to her left hand.)

On a scale of one to "what would the queen say?", no, this isn't the worst ever faux-pas. But we love the royal realness of K Middy, who corrected herself on the spot.

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