Kensington Palace Releases Kate Middleton’s Full Speech from this Week’s Gala Dinner and…Whoa

Kate Middleton stepped out solo last night for an addiction awareness gala, but her silver glittery heels weren’t the only things that dazzled.

The 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge attended the Action on Addiction’s “Addiction Awareness Week” dinner in London, where she gave a rousing speech and met with members of the organization whose lives have been impacted by addiction. Lucky for us, Kensington Palace shared her full speech online.

Middleton dressed the part of patron, rocking a white off-the-shoulder Barbara Casasola royal re-wear, Jimmy Choo heels, a silver envelope clutch and a voluminous blowout.

Upon arriving, the duchess chatted with Action on Addiction clients who prepared the evening’s meal.

Afterward, the mom of three took the stage and opened up about her experience working with Action on Addiction. She began by saying, “Action on Addiction was one of my very first patronages, and as such, it is very close to my heart. I’m hugely passionate about the support it provides, especially for parents, children and families who suffer from, or through, addiction.”

She mused that “in some ways, it was the catalyst for my interest in early childhood development, too.”

Middleton went on to explain that her charity work in childhood development and addiction has led her to focus on “the importance of prevention” and the steps families can take to “build foundations and help avoid adversity later on in life.” 

“Having met so many people who’ve suffered from addiction, I have seen over and over again that, sadly, the root cause can so often be traced right back to the very earliest years of someone’s life,” the Duchess of Cambridge shared. “Trauma experienced in early childhood, in some cases, as a result of separation, abandonment, abuse, or even emotional neglect, can have a lasting effect.”

Trauma experienced in childhood and even in the womb can gravely impact young lives, she went on to express. And that’s where Action on Addiction comes in, according to the duchess.

“It is therefore vital that we support everyone who cares for children in those formative years, especially if we want to help with the inter-generational cycle of addiction,” she said. “Sadly, for many who are suffering with addiction, they just don’t receive the help they need early enough. They have already reached crisis point before they find the support they need.”

Middleton explained the Action on Addiction cause, saying, “it goes beyond helping those who are suffering on the courageous journey into recovery—it also lends direct support to the children and families affected by addiction—for as long as it takes.”

She went on, “This evening’s dinner not only marks ‘Addiction Awareness Week’, but it also provides an opportunity for us all to remember the vital work being done to help all those affected by addiction feel able to access help, hope and freedom from their addiction. There was never a more important time for Action on Addiction to succeed. And I, for one, could not be more delighted to support such a special [organization].”

Middleton concluded her speech by thanking the audience and telling Action on Addiction chief executive Graham Beech that she looks forward to working together as patron.

There you have it: K-Middy really knows how to give a speech.