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There was something that kept me up this weekend, and it wasn’t the World Series. It was Justin Bieber’s method of consuming a burrito.

Hear me out: Most people, like me, eat burritos from end to end. Others cut them in half and nibble on them that way. So when photos of Bieber biting into the middle of a burrito like a corn cob surfaced, the uproar was immediate and extreme. (TBH, it didn’t actually keep me up at night, but I did find it extremely entertaining.)

Thankfully, a group of pranksters called Yes Theory just admitted Burrito-gate (yes, I’m calling it that) was a total hoax.

In a video since posted to YouTube, Yes Theory admitted to hiring a Bieber look-alike and staging photographs of him eating that now-famous burrito.

Upon closer inspection, the clues were there all along. As Dana Dickey, Senior Editor for PureWow, pointed out, the culprit’s hair was far too well-kempt for it to be JB. The real Bieber’s hair, as we collectively decided, is more like Jeff Daniels’s in Dumb and Dumber. The look-alike’s barely there ’stache was, however, spot on. 

Now, back to the mystery of whether Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are married yet. 

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