Here’s a Friendly Reminder from Julianne Hough that ‘We’re Better Together’

As an actress, professional dancer, host, entrepreneur and beauty board member of clean beauty mecca Roven, Julianne Hough knows a thing or two about collaboration.

The 31-year-old America’s Got Talent judge caught up with PureWow at the opening of Roven’s new store in Venice Beach, California, and opened up about why she relies on others to help her succeed.

When asked if she had a hot tip she relies on day after day, she said, “We’re better together. It’s like, I think we lived in an age that we’re shifting out of now where it was like, power at the top and it trickled down. And, I believe we’re in the age of equal opportunity and collaboration.”

Hough says whether she’s working on a new routine or working with an America’s Got Talent contestant, it’s important to remember that “Holding your idea to yourself…you might hit the jackpot and it might be amazing, and go for it if that’s your style, but I just feel like we’re better together. Let’s share in what we have to offer and again, we can move mountains together. You can go and do it yourself but it’s going to be lots of hard work and you might feel really lonely. You can have all this support around you.”

She hopes to encourage fans to follow suit and “…start changing the mentality of that. I mean, I just love people so I just want to be around people that don’t just want to change the world and say it, but actually do it.”

Currently, Hough is working with Roven to change the paradigm around what beauty means in an effort to promote natural and non-toxic products.

That’s definitely a cause we can get behind.

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