Watch a 6th Grade JVN Do a Figure Skating Routine *Without* Skates

Ohhhh, henny: You've come a long way since middle school.

Michelle Kwan-hopeful Jonathan Van Ness has certainly been wowing fans with his figure skating routines of late. Posting videos to Instagram, his recent hobby isn't just an adorable pasttime (although, that too). Turns out, JVN has been skating since sixth grade (well, sort of...).

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in December, the host asked Van Ness about his sixth-grade skating days, and said they found a video of it. "No, you didn't!!! Oh, I am so happy for it!" Van Ness said excitedly.

Once the tape starts rolling, there's one obvious piece of equipment missing from the Queer Eye star's routine: his skates. Yep, he did a "floor" figure skating routine, and it's about as glorious as you would think. There's fancy footwork, a beginning lunge and even a single axel (to which grown-up JVN applauds ecstatically).

Let us not forget the black-and-white t-shirt featuring a giant question mark with "RIGHT?" written below it ("I designed it myself," Van Ness said proudly) and a mask on the back of his head.

We thought we couldn't love you more, JVN. We were *so* wrong.