Exclusive: Jonathan Van Ness Says Figure Skating with Michelle Kwan Is ‘Like a Fever Dream’

Things just keep getting better for Jonathan Van Ness. First, he snagged a coveted spot as one of Queer Eye’s Fab Five members, then he was nominated for two Emmys and now, between the laundry list of exciting firsts he’s checking off, he’s been able to pursue his true passion.

PureWow sat down with the 32-year-old multihyphenate just before he officiated a wedding in honor of Pride month with Elysian Brewing. Naturally we had to ask about his pretty impressive new hobby of figure skating.

“[I started] ice skating because I could afford to and I could break my wrist and still afford to feed my cats. Whereas when I was a hairdresser, if I broke my wrist who would feed my babies?” Van Ness explained. Great point.

Thanks to his growing career as the star of Queer Eye, author, touring stand-up comic, podcaster and more, JVN says he’s now able to enjoy the sport without worrying about his cats or the cost.

“The thing about ice skating is that she’s kind of expensive. I never knew, but she is—but [she’s also] fierce. I’ve always wanted to do what I'm passionate about. So, figure skating isn’t new, it’s just newly available [to me],” he said. “Learning about stand-up comedy, learning about podcast, I’ve just been very blessed to pursue what I’m passionate about. But that’s something I’ve brought to my career in whatever I was doing.”

And we have to say his passion for what he does—whether he’s giving a widower a makeover or taping Getting Curious—comes across. It also helps that he’s had a little help from Olympian Michelle Kwan. So, what’s it been like working with her? Van Ness had nothing but nice things to say.

“[It’s been] like a fever dream that I just hope I don’t wake up from. Apparently, I wore this skirt last week that she has, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I can’t believe we have the same skirt and that you commented on my Instagram.’ I can’t get over it. She’s literally the most decorated American figure skater of all time,” he pointed out.

Must we also remind you she wore your sweatshirt to the GLAAD Awards, Jonathan? Goals.

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