‘Gay of Thrones’: Jonathan Van Ness & Gabrielle Union Break Down the Battle of Winterfell

Still can’t get over Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones? Allow Jonathan Van Ness’s brand-new installment of Gay of Thrones to settle your winter woes.

Yesterday, the Queer Eye star, 32, debuted the latest episode of his Funny or Die recap series, titled “The Dong Night,” and it features the groomer discussing the Battle of Winterfell with Gabrielle Union.

Van Ness shared part of the episode on his personal Instagram account and wrote, “Not sure if I’ve ever lived a better life than processing @gameofthrones with @gabunion who made me lol so hard & blew me away past any Bring it On expectation I ever could’ve had.”

In the episode, Van Ness is styling Union’s hair while discussing season eight, episode three of the popular HBO series. “As you know, in Winterfell, everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their White Twerker Postmates,” he says.

The Queer Eye star goes on to describe his version of events, saying, “And then out of the darkness, Evil Red Riding Hood shows up late. But don’t worry, she has enough Fireball shots for everybody.”

Union’s response? “That’s a Fyre Fest I can get behind.”

The Gay of Thrones episode comes just three days after the latest installment hit HBO, which featured the GoT gang facing off against the Night King (Vladimir Furdik). Despite Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) valiant effort, it was (spoiler alert!) Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) who successfully slayed the Night King.

Can you believe?

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