Oh, My! John Krasinski Worked Out in Dwayne Johnson’s Gym *Naked* & Sent Him a Pic

Clutch your pearls and cover your eyes because John Krasinski just shared a NSFW secret on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The 39-year-old Jack Ryan star told DeGeneres he once sent Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a naked pic…but it’s not what you think (kinda).

It all started when Krasinski tried to bond with the 46-year-old Johnson, who was then filming Jungle Cruise with Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt. The Office alum heard Johnson had a private traveling gym, so he asked if he could use it. Little did he know, it was unlike any gym he’d stepped foot in before.

“I walked in and it was like alien spaceships had landed,” Krasinski told DeGeneres, 60. “He has like 40 pieces of equipment I’ve never seen in my life.”

But as time went on, Krasinski began to warm up to the high-tech gym—maybe a little too much—and he sent The Rock a naked photo to prove it.

“I sent him pictures as I leave the gym and I was like, ‘Hey, man, thanks for a great workout. Feeling real comfortable, real at home, and didn’t feel like I needed to wear clothes,’” he told DeGeneres.

“And he loves that. He loves when you get really intimate sweat on all his equipment,” he added.