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It’s that time of year again when Jimmy Kimmel cruelly tricks his daughter into thinking he ate all of her Halloween candy. And this year the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host enlisted Channing Tatum and Pink to break their children’s hearts as well.

Tatum stepped in to guest host last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and debuted three hilarious videos—one of himself, one of Kimmel and one of Pink—in which they pretend to have eaten all of their kids’ Halloween candy, and the reactions are priceless. 

The first victim is Kimmel’s 3-year-old daughter Jane, who has a sweet and then sour reaction. When Kimmel first breaks the news, Jane seems optimistic as she reaches into the bag and pulls out a single roll of Smarties. She says, “What? I still have one. Don’t worry.”

But as Kimmel begins to detail the delicious treats he “enjoyed,” including an eyeball toy that blows bubbles, Jane becomes agitated and grows concerned about the bubbly potion her dad allegedly consumed.

Next up: Pink’s eldest child, Willow (6). The video features Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, breaking the news their daughter. Willow is immediately skeptical of her father’s claims and reacts (as she should) by throwing the trick-or-treating bag back at him and yelling, “Give me my candy.” 

We’re thinking she gets that spunk from rock-star mom Pink.

Last (but definitely not least) is Tatum’s daughter, Everly (4), who’s in the running for the most adorable reaction to date. After Tatum tells her he ate all her candy, Everly drops her head and slowly walks over to bury herself between mom Jenna Dewan Tatum’s legs.

Once Everly lets out a few heart-wrenching sniffles, Tatum comes clean and blurts out that it was a prank. Everly adds, “Dad, that’s not funny.”

One day you’ll get him back, Everly. One day.

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