Jessica Simpson Shares Selfie with Lookalike Daughter on IG (& Birdie's Getting so Big!)

Once again, Jessica Simpson and her mini-me, Birdie Mae, are brightening our Instagram feeds with new mother-daughter content.

The Open Book author shared a snap of herself and her one-year-old daughter being silly at home, and it's hard to miss their striking resemblance. Simpson captioned the pic, "Tongue twister #BIRDIEMAE."

Birdie grins at the camera with her tongue out while her mom poses behind her in the photo, but their uncanny resemblance isn't the only thing that sticks out. Having seen multiple pics of Birdie when she was just a few months old, we're pretty surprised that she's already gotten so big so quickly. One fan wrote, "She's SO adorable!" Another chimed in, "She is a spitting image of you, Jessica! Birdie Mae, your a cutie pie."

Simpson has been sharing quite a few pics of her youngest girl on her feed, but perhaps the most memorable is the post about Birdie's massive shoe collection. In December, she shared a photo of Birdie sitting among several pairs of shoes, and wrote, "The irony to Birdie’s love for shoes is that I was so swollen when I was pregnant with her that I couldn’t wear any. It’s true what they say—the third child gets the hand-me-downs! #BIRDIEMAE."

In another post from November, fans also caught a glimpse of Birdie's fashionable outfit, proving that good style runs in the Simpson family. In the pic, Birdie poses in a cheetah-print head wrap with an olive-green romper and brown Uggs. Simpson revealed, "Birdie definitely takes after mom...her second word was 'Shoes!'"

Keep these mother-daughter snaps coming, Jessica!

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