Meghan Markle’s BFF Sets the Record Straight on Latest Royal Charity Rumors

Did you hear the one about Meghan Markle’s BFF, Jessica Mulroney, being accused of secretly registering charities for the duchess and Prince Harry? Well, Mulroney is finally speaking out about the gossip, and all we have to say is...yaaasss!

Here’s what you need to know: Over the weekend, The Daily Mail published an article, claiming that Mulroney registered a new website ( through her own charity, the Shoebox Project. Some believed she created the domain on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, making it seem like they tried (and failed) to go unnoticed. 

Why would Meghan and Harry have supposedly wanted to secretly register such a domain? Well, in stepping down as senior royals, they will no longer be able to use the term “royal” in connection with their charities. Therefore, they will have to inevitably change “Sussex Royal” to something else. These false rumors made it seem like they got Mulroney to use her own charity to secure the domain for them days before they announced that they’d be dropping the “royal” from their charitable organization.

Shortly after the news broke, Mulroney addressed the rumors on Twitter and debunked the gossip once and for all. “If certain investigative journalists were to do their jobs, perhaps they would see that Shoebox Project Foundation is owned by a Mr. Roy in North Carolina and has no affiliations or ties to our charity The Shoebox Project. Happy Sunday,” she wrote.

Basically, Mulroney is saying that she had nothing to do with the registration. Instead, it was created by another entity, who just so happens to have a similar name as her charity. What are the odds?

This is a pretty big deal, since Prince Harry and Markle have been the center of criticism as of late. Although we still don’t know why the domain was created, it’s nice to see someone is sticking up for the royal couple.

Shout-out to Mulroney for setting the record straight once and for all.

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