Jessica Biel Just Served Up Cinematic Gold & Shared Her ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Screen Test

Long before she was an Emmy-nominated actress, Jessica Biel put her acting chops to the test in a certain 2003 horror flick called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday yesterday, the 37-year-old Sinner star opted to relive the film and her husband, Justin Timberlake, couldn’t have been more excited.

It all started when Biel shared a video of her screen test for the role of Erin in the movie on Instagram. Note the impeccable dialogue and the early-2000s blurry video quality.

The video kicks off with her aptly reasoning, “If we leave this body here, then we’re just gonna get in a load of trouble.” We all know you never want a dead body on your hands, and Biel really drives the point home.

Next, she gets frustrated and overwhelmed by the mess she has on her hands and does a very ’90s hair push back.

Finally, the crescendo of the video arrives. Biel lays on the floor yelling, “He’s killing him! He’s killing him! The guy with the chainsaw! He’s over there, he’s over there—you gotta help him, you’ve gotta f***ing believe me.” It’s endlessly entertaining and does a great job of illustrating how far she’s grown as an actress.

Biel captioned the video, “#TBT Baby mid-screentest. Guess the movie. Hint: Starts with Texas, ends with me on the floor.”

And that’s when Timberlake got in on the fun. “God, I love you,” he commented on her post, cheering his wife on.

We’ve gotta say: This is an instant classic.