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Jessica Biel took a night off from mom duty to visit The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and proved even the spawn of Justin Timberlake goes through the terrible twos phase.

Diving right in, Colbert asked the Sinner actress how many surfaces of her home are currently covered in what she hopes is chocolate, thanks to Silas, her 2-year-old son with Timberlake. Without hesitation, Biel exasperatedly responded, “Every square inch. And if it’s not the hopeful chocolate, it’s stickers and Play-Doh and Gak and crumbs and who knows. Everything is covered in everything.” Woof.

Biel went on to explain that Silas is in the midst of his terrible twos, and by all accounts, not a great sleeper. “You know, if you wake my kid up in the middle of the night by accident, you’re dead to me. If you come in my house and you do some crazy thing and you make too much noise, you turn on the music—you are out.”

Poor Jess. Just when she thought the terrible twos were bad, Colbert quickly informed her that the “threenage” years are even worse. *I love my children. I love my children.*

Realizing she spent the majority of the interview talking about 2-year-old child woes, the actress backpedaled and said, “Now I’m feeling really bad. He’s cute. He’s funny.” Aren’t they all...

Wine, wine and more wine.

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