Jessica Alba Reveals the Worst Part About Being on a Film Set (Especially During Covid)

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With a worldwide pandemic taking place, there’s no denying we've all become germaphobes. But even before COVID-19 came around, Jessica Alba made sure to keep cleanliness and health at the forefront of her priorities, especially while on set.

PureWow recently sat down with the L.A.’s Finest actress to discuss her latest Honest cleaning collection. Called The Clean Vibes Kit, the new products include three types of cleaners (glass, multi-surface and bathroom) made with naturally-derived ingredients that provide a revolutionary approach to cleaning with a lighter footprint.

As with most families these days, Alba revealed that her fam has “definitely spent more time organizing than ever and more time cleaning than ever.” However, worrying about germs is nothing new to the 39-year-old actress.

“I am someone who walks around with hand sanitizer always,” she said. “I would carry a bottle of alcohol in a sprayer to set because literally, people cannot wait to sneeze on your face when you step onto a set. And I grew up on sets, so I was like ‘I am not playing with you guys.’”

Sneezing isn’t the only thing Alba has to worry about. She continued, “Everyone would sneeze and touch your prop or the door before you did and it was always tight spaces with a lot of people. I was always aware of how easy it is for germs to spread. And the same goes for traveling.”

We need to get on this level.

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