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When it comes to Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s future together, mum is the word for the 49-year-old “El Anillo” singer.

J.Lo stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and swiftly dodged the 60-year-old host’s incessant (and clever) questioning about when she and A-Rod, 43, plan to get married.

Their game of cat and mouse started with DeGeneres claiming that Rodriguez texted her saying that a proposal is right around the corner.

“Your boyfriend. Remind me of his name,” DeGeneres teased. “He said that y’all are going to be getting married.”

Lopez quipped back, “He did not say that.” DeGeneres responded “He did. He texted me today and said—he texted me earlier today and he said…”

But Lopez wanted receipts and demanded, “Let me see the text.” So, DeGeneres made an excuse and said, “I don’t have my phone with me. I’m working. So you’ll be getting married?” To which Lopez replied, “I don’t know.”

In the end, the host recommended Lopez and her beau make it official around Christmas and warned, “You’re not leaving here until we find out.”

Long story short, we didn’t. Looks like we’re still waiting for tonight an answer

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