Jennifer Garner Broke Out Her Band Uniform & Sax for Reese Witherspoon's Birthday...Again

Most friends might send a card, flowers or, heck, even snail mail a gift for someone's birthday. But Jennifer Garner is definitely not most people (this, we always knew...).

In honor of her BFF Reese Witherspoon's special day on Friday, Garner released her inner band geek for the second year in a row. Donning a uniform from her old marching-band days at her high school, the Peppermint actress played the saxophone for Witherspoon.

She captioned the post, "Many moons ago, my high school marching band played this song for homecoming. Today I play it for my boo, @reesewitherspoon. We have a groovy kind of love. Happy birthday, Lady. #bandgeeksarethebestgeeks #havethebestday."

Last year, Garner pulled the same stunt for Reese Witherspoon’s 42nd birthday.

In last year's video, the Love, Simon actress is wearing the same marching-band uniform and performs a flawless rendition of “Happy Birthday” before adding “and many more” for good measure. She captioned the post, “Hey, @reesewitherspoon! I don’t know why you’re on my mind today.....”

This isn’t even the second time Garner gave us a glimpse of her marching-band past. In fact, the Camping star appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden last year and revealed that she had a “one time at band camp” moment. (The story is so good that we can’t even do it justice. Just watch.)

Happy birthday, Reese! We can't wait for next year's tribute.

Additional reporting by Roberta Fiorito