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All-around cool mom and our imaginary best friend Jennifer Garner recently hit a social media milestone (one million followers!) and celebrated it in the funniest way.

Posting on her Instagram account, the actress shared a hilarious video of herself wearing a giant mouth guard on set of her new movie Peppermint.

Struggling to speak with the mouth guard in, Garner says, “I don’t like this. I’m uncomfortable and I’m also unhappy. I’m unhappy. I am. I feel unhappy in my heart.”

She captioned the clip #onemillionfollowers #thankyousomuchforfollowing” and warned her new followers that this is what they’re getting into. (Fine by us, Jen.)

She also revealed that the device is being used to shoot a “cage fight” on the upcoming thriller. But that’s not the only future project fans have to look forward to—Garner recently revealed that she’s teaming up with Lena Dunham for a new HBO series about a birthday bash gone wrong as well as starring in a Llama Llama Red Pajama Netflix series.

And even while juggling multiple work projects, the mom of three still managed to find time to help her kiddos sell their Girl Scout Cookies. Serious question: Is there a woman of the year badge? Because we figure Jen’s definitely earned it.

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