Ever Wonder What Jennifer Garner’s Haircare Routine Is? Well, It Involves a Wetsuit

Jennifer Garner is a “give the people what they want” kind of gal. The 47-year-old Peppermint star serves up fresh content about her chickens on the reg. She’s shared all of her favorite recipes with her followers via her “Pretend Cooking Show.” She’s even dined with Ina Garten and kept the cameras rolling that one time she lost her car in a parking lot. Her latest effort to offer fans a glimpse into her life? Breaking down her beauty routine. Spoiler alert: It’s not at all what you’d think.

Yesterday, Garner decided to share her full haircare routine with the masses and it’s a little unconventional if you ask us. Why? Well, for one, it involves a wetsuit and a pair of goggles. The Camping star shared a video of herself showering (in the aforementioned wetsuit and pair of goggles) on her personal Instagram account.

She wrote, “Exactly no one has asked about my hair care routine, so this feels about right. Have you tried @virtuelabs, yet? My sweet friend of twenty years @hairbyadir has been working on this brand since its inception three years ago. I fell for #VirtueLabs as soon as he shared with me and now I’m working with them to help spread the word—because it NO JOKE will change what is happening on your head. Oh yes, I mean what I say. Give it a shot,” adding the hashtag #wetsuitnotincluded for obvious reasons.

So what did we learn? For one, Garner’s scientific explanations are hilarious. She’s also aware that wearing a wetsuit in the shower isn’t exactly the norm. And she’s so confident in her Virtue Labs-based haircare routine that she thinks it just may make her look like Cindy Crawford.

We like those odds.

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