Jennifer Garner Spent Her Flight Delay Working as a Barista—Watch the Video

Jennifer Garner is shaping up to be a jill-of-all-trades. Actor? Check. Ina Garten protégée? Check, check.

Faced with a flight delay and nothing to do, 46-year-old Garner found a productive alternative to idling at the airport—filling in as a temporary barista at the local coffee joint.

She captioned an Instagram video, “If your flight is delayed in Bozeman, Montana (or to find the world’s best cappuccino), may I humbly recommend @wildjoescoffee? #travelingwithoutkids #baristajen #amistillallowedtovisit?”

It looks like the actor’s alter-ego, Barista Jen, spent her layover lending a hand to the people at Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot in Bozeman, Montana. The amount of actual coffee-making she did is unclear, but from the looks of this video, she did a good job posting uplifting sticky notes on various surfaces. (Do we think she kept the job?)

We certainly wouldn’t complain if we found a note from Jennifer Garner on our toaster. But it would be even better with a hot cup of coffee. Just saying, Jen.

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