Jennifer Garner Celebrated 5 Million Followers by...Rinsing Off a Neon-Green Penguin?

“Hello, uh, Jennifer Garner? Jen? Hi, yes, we need to talk about your recent Instagram post, because we can’t stop wondering what it means…”

That’s what we’d like to say to the Camping star, who celebrated reaching 5 million (!) followers on Instagram today by posting a video of herself bathing a giant neon-green penguin in a shower at 21c Museum hotel in Arkansas. And, yes, this weird, quirky content is why we love (and follow!) her…along with the 4,999,999 others.

The 21c Museum hotel chain is known for its brightly colored penguin sculptures at each of its eight locations. Turns out, the neon-green penguin belongs to the Bentonville, Arkansas, location (according to the map on the hotel’s website). Perhaps Garner was shooting some more Camping or working on another (secret) project. Garner visited Arkansas back in October, too, as an ambassador for Save the Children, according to Page Six.

So, why did this green tuxedoed fella needed a rinse? We’re not sure. Garner’s caption doesn’t give away too much either: “All five million of you—when this nonsense comes your way—you have only yourselves to blame. @21chotels #travelingwithoutkids#soniceofyoutofollowme”

Whatever the reason, never change, Jen. Never change.

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