Jennifer Aniston Celebrates One Year Since Adopting Her Dog in New Instagram Post

We know it’s hard to believe, but it’s officially been one year since Jennifer Aniston introduced her puppy: Lord Chesterfield. And now, the Friends star is celebrating 365 days together on Instagram.

On Monday, Aniston shared a slideshow of images featuring the furry member of her family. “One year with my lovable, squeezable, I’ll call it… talkative (barks at air), cuddly, and not-so-little-anymore Lord Chesterfield,” she captioned the post.

The first few snaps show Lord Chesterfield cuddling on the couch with his owner. The following two give viewers a glimpse of how much the dog has grown—one snap features the puppy laying alongside Aniston on a workout mat, while the other is a recreation taken one year later. (And he somehow managed to grow four times the size since his social media debut). Finally, the last pic shows Lord Chesterfield smiling and sporting a blue birthday hat.

As we mentioned above, the Morning Show actress announced that she rescued the pup from Wagmor Pets Dog Rescue last October.

“Hi! I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of our family….this is (a very tired) Lord Chesterfield,” she captioned a sweet video of the dog sleeping with a bone in his mouth. “He stole my heart immediately. A HUGE thank you to @wagmorpets for the incredible work you do. Grateful you take such great care of these rescues and find them their forever homes.”

Now if we can only get a pic of Lord Chesterfield enjoying some celebratory cake.

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