Jennifer Aniston Gives Sneak Peek of Her Bedroom—and Is That a Doggy Statue on the Nightstand?

We know Rachel Green’s bedroom in Friends like the back of our hand, but the same can’t be said about Jennifer Aniston’s…until now.

Earlier this week, the 51-year-old actress shared a rare photo on Instagram of her dog, a yellow Labrador named Lord Chesterfield. While we could easily go on and on about her four-legged friend, we couldn’t help but notice that the image offers a never-before-seen glimpse of Jennifer Aniston’s bedroom.

jennifer aniston bedroom

In the photo, Lord Chesterfield is sitting on Aniston’s cozy bed, which is covered in neutral bedding. The background offers a sneak peek at part of the actress’s nightstand, which deserves a second glance. (Cat-lovers, keep scrolling.)

Right next to the bed, there’s a small dog figurine that could practically double as Lord Chesterfield’s mini-me. The resemblance could be a total coincidence, but if we had to guess, we’d say it’s intentional.

We’re not entirely surprised by Aniston’s trinket. Remember the infamous ceramic dog statue in Friends? Well, it actually belonged to Aniston, who received it as a gift after landing the career-defining role. We don’t know if she still owns the figurine, but based on this photo, all signs point to yes.

In addition to Lord Chesterfield (we’ll never get tired of hearing his name), Aniston is also a dog mom to Clyde (Schnauzer mix) and Sophie (white Pitbull).

One thing’s for sure: Aniston is definitely a dog-lover.

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