Jenna Dewan’s New Necklace Purportedly Has Healing Powers

We love a good layered necklace combo as much as the next gal. But throw in some healing stone components and we’re even more interested. As it turns out, so is Jenna Dewan.

The 38-year-old Step Up star recently wore a Congés Ancient Egypt Scarab Collection necklace in 14-karat yellow gold and sapphires ($1,850). Check it out below.

jenna dewan

Cute, right? The entire collection is sustainable, environmentally conscious and female-founded. But that’s not all.

The Los Angeles–based brand, which Drew Barrymore is also a fan of, uses healing crystals and stones to address all sorts of needs. (Yes, it’s trés woo-woo.) The line’s newly-launched personalized signature collection features stones like rose quartz for love and positivity, smoky quartz for absorbing negative energy and welcoming in serenity, lapis for protection and awareness, as well as milky quartz for wisdom and maternal love.

In addition to adding an eclectic edge to your jewelry game, Scarabs are purported to have special properties as sacred tokens of Egyptian religious beliefs. They’re said to bring good fortune and power to those who wear them.

Although Dewan’s necklace is sold out, you can recreate the look with a round Scarab charm with sapphires ($922) or an oval Scarab charm ($322), also with sapphires.

We’re not entirely sure if we believe all the Scarab and healing crystal hype, but at the very least, we can agree that Dewan’s gold necklace stack and black strappy maxi gown are giving us all the cool summer vibes.