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Jell-O’s Edible Toy Slime Is Either Super Genius or Super Cringe-y

Confession: We love a good slime account on Instagram. We don’t know if it’s the ASMR vibes or the swirling colors, but it’s so damn soothing. But the minute our kids start making the ooey, gooey toy at home…we’re out. Too messy. And where did all of our contacts solution go?

Welp, JELL-O has capitalized on the trend and now makes a gelatin-based slime that your kids can both play with…and eat.

We appreciate that the slime—which mixes up with water—takes the mess of assembly out of the equation. But are we the only ones who think this idea sounds totally gross? Think about it: A child’s hands are many things, including sticky, dirty and clammy. That’s fine until they start eating the slime that they just played with for hours. (And worse, they’ll probably offer you some.)

Apparently, no one else agrees with us, as the slime is currently sold out online. Just make sure your kiddos wash their hands before they play (and eat), OK?

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