See How Dog Dad James Middleton (aka Kate’s Brother) Celebrated Father’s Day

Kate Middleton has her royal fashion icon status, Carole Middleton has her flourishing party planning business, Pippa Middleton has her fitness column, and James Middleton has endless amounts of dogs. (Lucky.) As such, the 32-year-old entrepreneur celebrated Father’s Day yesterday with a special message for his fellow dog dads.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s youngest sibling shared a photo of five of his little beauties on Instagram: one black Labrador and four cuddly cocker spaniels.

“Happy Fathers Day to all the Dog Dads out there! (And of course the regular dads!),” Middleton wrote, adding a cheeky paw print emoji.

As you can see, each dog is pretty much looking at the camera, so Middleton has trained them well. But that’s not all. The photo, which appears to have been snapped in the middle(ton) of a pastoral oasis, aptly shows off each dog’s personality.

Our friend to the far left is the smallest of the pack and can’t wait to be done with this puppy photo shoot. Her sister to the right is very sick of smiling and would like to go home and have some treats. The good boy in the middle is clearly the leader of the pack and considers all his cocker spaniel friends brothers from different mothers. As we continue to the right, you’ll see a perfectly executed blue steel paired with a chic wavy lob. And, all the way to the right, we spy a sweet Ozzy Osbourne look-alike who’s living his best life.

Is it terrible that we wish Middleton had called it Paw-ther’s Day? #puns

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