These Crystal Makeup Brushes Will Blend Away Bad Vibes with Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Jade

Whether you're a devout crystal believer or simply on the lookout for some quality makeup brushes, the new IT Brushes Gemstone Brush Therapy Duo Collection has you covered. Choose from three options that each serve different blending (and healing) purposes.

Rose quartz is known for its loving and soothing properties; the dome-shaped bristles on this brush buff on any foundation—be it liquid, cream or powder—to a seamless finish. The amethyst brush promotes peace, while its angled head hugs your cheeks at just the right angle for blush or bronzer application. And rounding out the collection is the jade brush that harnesses harmony and healing (and is perfect for applying any loose or pressed powders).  

Oh, and each brush comes with a matching bracelet to reap the full benefits of the gemstones. Get them now at or you can find them in-store starting February 24.

Buy it ($35)