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Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? The Official Answer, Once and for All

There are two types of people in this world—those who think that a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich and those who don’t. And not since Ross and Rachel were (or weren’t) on a break, has there been such a heated contest.

And now the hot-dog sandwich debate finally has a definitive answer. According to the weiner experts at Oscar Mayer, a hot dog is, indeed, a sandwich.

Shocked? Us, too. And Oscar Mayer is well aware that this is a controversial stance. That’s why they created a hotline yesterday for consumers to dial in and try to change their minds (or voice their support).

Unfortunately, the toll-free 1-833-SNDWICH number was only open for 24 hours, so if you wanted to air your grievances then you’re too late.

And this morning, Oscar Mayer tweeted: “You called and we listened. You almost changed our mind… but this is where we still stand. Hot dogs ARE sandwiches.”

But here’s the thing—according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yep, it’s a thing), hot dogs are not, in fact, sandwiches.

Guess the debate will continue to rage on. (And for the record—Ross and Rachel were so not on a break.)

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