The New iPhone 11 Will Include—Wait for It—Pet-Friendly Portrait Mode

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Portrait mode is great, but it doesn’t work as well as it could when I’m snapping pics of my four-legged friend”? No? Well, regardless, Apple is adding a new feature to the iPhone 11 that will make your puppy really pop during photo shoots.

Apple announced at a press conference on Tuesday that the forthcoming iPhone 11 will include pet portrait mode. It’s the same portrait mode you’ve grown to appreciate, but the new iPhone’s dual-camera system now offers “an intuitive camera experience” for higher quality videos, night mode pics and, obviously, Instagram-worthy shots of Rufus.

To be clear, the portrait mode isn’t pet (or even dog) specific, but it does promise to capture your animal’s best angles. It’s just what every pet parent had no idea they wanted, let alone needed. 

The iPhone 11 is powered by an A13 bionic chip, so the charge lasts all day. If you feel so inclined, you can finally spend the entire day getting action shots of your little guy snoozing, doing puppy things and playing fetch. It’s also more water- and screen-shattering resistant than previous models, which is probably a little bit more of a useful feature.

The iPhone 11 is available for pre-order beginning this Friday, September 13, and will be in stores beginning Friday, September 20. Interestingly the cost is also lower than the recently released iPhone X. The upcoming iteration of the smartphone starts at $699, which is still wildly expensive, but a little easier to justify…especially when memories with your fur family are concerned.

We weren’t planning on getting a new iPhone, but we just might have to do it for our dog’s ’Gram.

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