Here’s A Simple WFH Hack: You Can Turn Your iPad Into a Second Display For Your Laptop

If you’re like us, your work from home days now consists of moving from the couch, to the bed, to the kitchen table, with frequent pit stops to the refrigerator. However, thanks to Apple, you can make your home office feel a little more like your actual office, by turning your iPad into a second display for your laptop.

Yep, that means you can finally work on two screens again (or for the first time), with a program called Sidecar. If you’re unfamiliar, Apple's Sidecar is a MacOS 10.15 feature that enables you to turn an iPad into a second display.

The program requires a compatible Mac using macOS Catalina and a compatible iPad using iPadOS 13. If you meet both of those requirements, start by clicking the AirPlay icon in the menu bar on your Mac, then choose the option to connect to your iPad. For a full list of instructions and applications, click here.

Intrigued but don't have an iPad? We've rounded up a few options for you below.


1. Apple Ipad Air

ipad mini

2. Apple Ipad Mini

ipad pro
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3. Apple Ipad Pro