‘Insecure’ Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Why You So Obsessed?

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

  • Issa can’t come to terms with being ghosted by Nathan and comes up with a billion reasons why she hasn’t heard from him.
  • Molly goes on a date with Andrew and they hit it off…until a joke doesn’t land quite as well as Andrew hopes.
  • Issa stoops really low and shows up on Nathan’s doorstep with Molly.
  • Issa works on her business proposal with some help from Lawrence and they catch up over coffee.

Is it just us or does it feel like we’re one step closer to Issa and Lawrence rekindling their ’ship? *Crosses fingers*

issa in a blazer
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Once Upon A Stress Dream

In season three, episode seven of Insecure, we open on Issa (Issa Rae) jolting awake from a dream where her teeth fall out. She makes sure she still has her pearly whites and says she needs to look up what this recurring dream means. (It’s a sign of stress and lack of control, honey.) She checks her phone and sees that Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) still hasn’t called, and it’s been a week since she’s heard from him. But nightmares aside, things aren’t all bad. She finds some candy next to her bed and sees that Taye Diggs just followed her on Instagram. It’s the little things in life…like getting followers with little blue checkmarks by their handle and having Raisinets for breakfast.

As Issa goes about her day and tries to concentrate on her business plan, her mind keeps returning to Nathan. In hopes of getting his attention, she shares a selfie on Instagram and spends the remainder of her day refreshing his Instagram feed and trying to figure out why he dropped off the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Andrew (Alexander Hodge) finally go on a date. The conversation flows easily and after a while he asks why she kept blowing him off. She admits she was embarrassed by how she acted at Coachella (molly is a hell of a drug apparently), and he says it worked out for the best because now they can be real with each other. (Oh, damn, Andrew is comin’ in hot.) They make plans to get together the following day.

molly and issa on andrews doorstep
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The Point Of No Return

When they meet at a bar the next day, Andrew has already ordered Molly a glass of rosé. (One point for Andrew.) Their playful banter and chemistry continues, but when Andrew pokes fun at Molly for screwing around with her married friend, aka Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson), the energy at the table completely changes. He apologizes for not knowing it was such a sensitive subject, but the damage is done. She gets up and leaves. He tries to stop her, but it’s too late. Relationship = canceled.

After Molly and Andrew’s disaster date, Issa is awoken from another stress dream by a call from the building owner telling her she’s late to meet the plumber. Whoops! She mentally blames it on Nathan and shuffles out of the building in her pajamas. While she watches the plumber, she sees that Nathan posted a photo on Instagram, meaning he’s alive and still has thumbs and access to a phone. She’s furious and calls Molly to tell her they’re going to drop by Nathan and Andrew’s house with some baked goods to see what’s up. Lord knows why, but Molly agrees and, in one of the most awkward scenes in television history, Andrew opens the door to see them holding Porto’s baked goods.

They tell him they were in the neighborhood and wanted to smooth things over with some Porto’s. Issa overcompensates to a cringe-worthy level, saying she hopes she didn’t wake them up, but Andrew specifies that it’s 6 p.m. and he’s the only one home. Issa makes an excuse to use the restroom and lets herself into Nathan’s room, where she rationalizes her way into looking through his stuff. Then, she crosses the point of no return: She tries to log in to his computer. Thankfully, Molly catches her before she totally falls off the deep end and tries a third password. Close. Call.

issa outside nathan s house
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Reality Check

Oh, did we mention that Andrew doesn’t accept Molly’s apology or thank her for the baked goods? Looks like he’s more offended that she left him alone in a bar than he is a fan of delicious pastries. His loss.

Finally, Issa and Molly leave. Molly confronts Issa and asks why she’s acting so, um, unhinged over this dude. Issa admits that Nathan made her feel like less of a screw up, and the realization that she’s deep in the throes of a funk hits her hard. She goes home and mopes. (Cheers, girl. We’ve all been there.)

Lawrence (Jay Ellis) too, it seems, is in need of a change. He and Chad (Neil Brown Jr.) hit up his place after a game of basketball, and Chad asks if he’s down to go clubbing. Lawrence says no because he has to be up early in the morning, but after some cajoling admits that he’s planning to go to church, which is pretty out of the norm for him. Chad says he’ll join him, so the next day they don their Sunday best and settle in for a sermon.

Surprisingly, it’s Chad who’s most affected by the sermon and rushes up to the altar to “get saved” (but only after pointing out all the fine ladies in the congregation). And while he has an easy time leaning into the whole religious thing, Lawrence is more hesitant. After the service, Chad acts like a changed man, but Lawrence is conflicted.

When a woman introduces herself to him, he admits he’s still on the fence and she argues he should at least stick around for the great post-church snacks, like cronuts. They go out for ice cream together and she tells him about how involved she is in the church. Later, she texts him, asking about whether he’d like to join a Bible study group, and he’s noncommittal.

lawrence laughs1
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While Lawrence contemplates getting “saved,” Issa attends a pitch deck boot camp to help better her business plan. After, she finds herself at Lawrence’s office to thank him for suggesting the class to her at Tiffany’s (Amanda Seales) baby shower. She asks if he’d like to get coffee with her and off they go.

They slip easily into familiarity—Issa orders his go-to drink for him and they laugh about their old neighbors. Lawrence asks how Lyft is going and she says it’s great, but pivots and decides to be real. She admits things have been really hard since she moved out of their apartment and that she feels kind of lost. He can relate and opens up about his recent adventures in religion. She’s surprised to hear he’s been going to church and points out that there are other churches he can attend that might be a better fit (and reminds him about when he learned there are other types of sushi than California rolls). They’re smiling, they’re reminiscing, they’re hopefully falling in love again? TBH, we’re shipping them so hard.

So will Issa and Lawrence make these get-togethers a more regular thing? Will Nathan ever resurface? Will Molly get the dating chip off her shoulder? If you need us, we’ll be wishing these answers into existence until the Insecure season three finale airs next Sunday, September 30, at 10:30 p.m.

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